We believe in making a difference.  Lighting lives was founded with a purpose to transform the lives of people through systematic and evidence- based interventions. As the name indicates, we focus on ‘lighting up’ the lives of people through little acts of supports. It is founded by three health professionals who have been working in the industry for a collective 45 years. The founders’ experience working as social worker, registered mental health nurse and as a Registered aged care nurse enable it to plan the care in a holistic manner. We focus on the strengths of the participants and work towards enhancing their skills. By understanding their needs and connecting them to the right services, we make sure that the participants move towards their goals. Rather than focusing on their disability, we focus on the individuals and putting them at the centre of our plans. We believe that the participants’ plans should include their choices, dreams, and hobbies. We also conduct regular feedback sessions with the participants to make sure that they are getting right services from the right staff at the right time. The participants have the right to choose their staff so that a conducive environment is developed for their growth. 

We also focus on onboarding experienced and empathetic staff who have great understanding about the needs of the participants. While we accommodate suggestions and feedback from the staff, we make sure that their creativity, skills are used effectively to promote the wellbeing of the participants. We are firm that the right staff can bring significant impact in the participants’ lives. With regular training and feedback sessions, we hope to empower the staff thereby enable them to provide more quality care for the participants.  

Our care model encompasses holistic care wherein all the stakeholders are engaged together to reach a common goal of the participants. We believe that the family and carers are integral part of the participants, and their inputs are included in the care. We also update them regularly about the achievements and the issues of the participants.  

With our academic qualification, experience in the health care industry along with the experienced staff, Lighting lives focuses on providing a care model that recognises the positives  of the participants and working towards addressing their behaviours of concern  

We also believe that connecting with the other providers and understanding about their programs will enable us to connect their programs to our participants so that the participants are able to grow in their skills.  

Our services: 

  1. SIL/ MTA/ respite  
  1. Community nursing 
  1. Hi-intensity personal care 
  1. Recovery coaching 
  1. Community participation 
  1. Transport and travel training  
  1. Group and centre-based activities 

Locations of support: Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle 


Contact: 0423429955 

Lighting lives