Redefining Quality Care: Receive the Level of Support You’d Want For Your Own Loved Ones 

Danny Met Sally stands as a beacon of compassionate support, delivering the level of care and support you’d expect for your own family or best friend. Rooted in personal experiences and driven by a commitment to excellence, Danny Met Sally is more than just a service provider—it’s a promise of premium quality care.

Co-founders Rick and Ashleigh Dalton have been intimately involved in caring for loved ones with disabilities. Rick’s brother, Danny, renowned for his infectious personality, and Ash’s close friend Sally, a devoted nurse and mother facing quadriplegia due to a rare condition, inspired the Danny Met Sally name, along with their mission and values.

At Danny Met Sally, every individual is treated with the same care and respect as cherished family or friends, mirroring the dedication shown to Danny and Sally. With a vision to redefine disability care standards, Danny Met Sally ensures that everyone receives the support they deserve.

As a nationally registered provider, Danny Met Sally offer a wide range of services, from self-care and support coordination to accessible living solutions and innovative community participation programs. Their dedication extends to emergency respite, high-intensity support, community access, accessible transportation, and clinical assessments and training.

“At Danny Met Sally, you’re our top priority. We prioritise your freedom of choice and independence, tailoring our support to your unique needs and preferences. We empower you to make choices that enhance your quality of life in every possible way.”

Ready to experience care that goes beyond the ordinary? Visit or call at 1300 529 517 to learn more. Your journey to exceptional care starts here.