What’s the best way to keep your Manual Handling Training up to date?

Across Australia, workplace injuries are a common and unfortunate result of lifting, twisting or handling objects, with healthcare workers amongst those at significantly higher risks.

According to the Australian Workers Compensation Statistics (2018-19) “the healthcare and social assistance industry accounted for 17% of serious claims in 2018–19, followed by the Construction and Manufacturing industries which both accounted for around 12% of serious claims”.

Frequent lifting, transferring, and repositioning of patients are some of the leading causes of musculoskeletal injury amongst health care workers, as well as Slips, Trips and Falls (STFs).

Manual Handling is not only a big contributor to workplace injuries, but can also have legal implications if a staff member is found to engage in unsafe practices.

At Community Therapy we are incredibly passionate about people having the skills and knowledge to provide safe manual handling support for those they are providing care and support for.

We strongly believe that Manual Handling is an essential part of training for disability workers as it helps to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of performing manual handling safely and effectively. It teaches workers to approach manual handling with a risk assessment mindset, which involves identifying potential risks and hazards before engaging in any lifting or transfer activity. This, in turn, helps to minimise the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Our ONLINE Manual Handling Training course is making a significant impact across the industry. It has been developed in 15 short modules that cover both theoretical and practical demonstrations, and can all be completed from either your laptop or smartphone.

This on-demand course covers the principles of manual handling, assessing risks associated with manual handling, and learning proper lifting techniques to reduce the risk of injury. It also aims to teach disability workers how to identify and manage any potential hazards that may arise during manual handling.

To find out more and join 6,500+ healthcare workers across Australia who have signed up to our online Manual Handling Training course, visit www.communitytherapy.com.au/courses/manual-handling-training/