“We’re going to need a change of clothes!”

Not packing a change of clothes for Shared Support’s day out at Merewether Baths wasn’t a slip of the mind, but it was a welcome surprise to Bailey’s Mum, Deborah, when she received the call.

For as long as we’ve known Bailey he’s opted to have his feet firmly planted on (dry) ground, but Bailey has just been for his first swim in two years! Done in tremendous style, with little hesitation and a lot of curiosity too.

By all accounts (and photos!) it wasn’t a case of just dipping a toes in either! After jumping in the baths and playing on shore for hours, Brittney, one of Bailey’s Support Workers had to signal Bailey that it was time to leave.

Brittney had also been keeping an eye on Bailey’s iPads during this time and was pretty chuffed that Bailey had willingly left them with her to be involved in the water.

News of Bailey’s swim slowly spread through the office, everyone energised by how they imagined Bailey felt about the day.

We think it’s a great reminder that we shouldn’t let assumptions lead, but rather continue to offer up opportunities instead. After all, we all reserve the right to change our mind!

It’s safe to say Bailey now always has a spare set of clothes packed. We can confirm that they were used the very next day at Toronto Pool too.

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