Six tips for choosing the right plan manager

Choosing the right plan manager

NDIS self-management and being NDIA-managed provides some benefits, but it also means you need to manage the financial side of your plan budget and deal with the National Disability Insurance Agency directly.

This can be very time consuming and, for most people, extremely stressful!

There is a better option: outsourcing your plan management!

Having a plan manager is a bit like having a personal bookkeeper. They are a financial expert who takes care of the money side of your NDIS plan, helping you keep your budget on track, and navigating complex NDIS rules and coding.

Requesting plan management makes perfect sense. You maintain all the benefits of self-management BUT you don’t have the burden of financial administration, such as claiming from the NDIA portal or paying your providers invoices.

Six key characteristics to look out for when choosing your plan manager

1. Ask whether your plan manager is independent and specialises in plan management.

It’s important to keep your finances separate from your support providers. Conflicts of interest can arise if you have the same organisation providing supports and handling your finances too.

2. Ask whether you will be provided with a dedicated plan manager.

You want to talk to the same person all the time when you have a question.

3. Ask whether your plan manager will make regular contact with you.

You want someone that offers same day or next business day response times.

4. Ask about real-time access to your budget online.

You want to be informed about how your plan is tracking 24/7.

5. Check the turn-around time for service provider payments.

You want a plan manager who is efficient with payment times.

6. Ensure they have good reviews.

You want confirmation that your plan manager is an NDIS expert who will help you make informed decisions about your budget. Take your time. Managing your NDIS plan budget can be stressful, and finding the right plan manager will reduce the overwhelm.

At All Disability Plan Management, we have a professional team of plan managers dedicated to helping people manage their NDIS budget effectively. We pride ourselves on delivering on each of the six characteristics of good plan managers.

Proficient and client focussed, our independent organisation operates nationally. We are ready to start working with you, wherever you live in Australia.

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