A happy ending to incontinence

The NIGHT N DAY Family

Once upon a time, Rosemarie Lakiss-Smith (Mum) invented the modern cloth nappy…. It was 1989 and the beginning of the NIGHT N DAY Comfort story.

Mum had just had her first child – Michael (me!) – and was having difficulty convincing ‘lazy Rod’ (Dad) to change my nappy as it used ‘barbaric’ pins to fasten a towel square. (This combination of towel squares and pins was the only option for parents at the time.)

Thinking I’ll show him, Mum invented the Minappi – the world’s first snappy nappy, more commonly referred to as the modern cloth nappy!

Over time, demand for our products and services grew, driven by the disability, home care and aged care markets and we (mainly Mum!) continued innovating and creating what has since become Australia’s most complete range of washable and reusable continence products and incontinence solutions, including but not limited to:

An exclusive range of BONDS x NIGHT N DAY leak-proof absorbent underwear:

  • up to 400 ml of discreet, waterproof and absorbent protection that look and feel like normal undies (because they are!)
  • for ladies who leak, the BONDS x NIGHT N DAY range is not only pee-proof but also period-proof

Silky-soft, whisper-quiet and 100% waterproof bed linen and mattress protectors:

  • protection for you, your mattress, doona, pillow and much more. Available in all bed and mattress sizes (short single, single, king single, double, queen & king)

The world’s only 100% waterproof doona/quilt:

  • silky-soft, whisper-quiet, 100% waterproof and guaranteed to keep you dry and warm (single, double, queen & king)

Incontinence swimwear:

  • combining style, fashion and function with our swim shorts and our world-first and brand-new SwimSkort
  • with an in-built pad designed to catch, hold and contain any urinary or faecal leaks, ensuring that women, men and kids are able to enjoy the beach, pool or hydrotherapy

Heavy incontinence pants (up to 1.6 L capacity):

  • the ideal washable and reusable alternative to disposables: designed to remain waterproof and super-absorbent up to 1,600 ml

Anti-strip onesies (bodysuits) for dementia, Alzheimer’s and autism:

  • a non-restricting, dignified & secure-fastening onesie designed to keep the wearer calm, focused and comfortable – as well as fully clothed and their continence aid on

The waterproof and absorbent sleepover pant:

  • designed to be discreet and eliminate the stress and anxiety and surrounding camps and sleepovers with a discreet elastic waistband, full-waterproof outer-layer and full-absorbent inner layer. So discreet that no one will know a thing!

The touch-free rashee:

  • international patent-pending, designed to eliminate direct contact between a swim student and swim instructor and ensuring that even the most sensory are still able to enjoy learning to swim
  • the Touch-Free Rashee also prevents any potentially inappropriate contact with a child or student learning to swim, protecting everyone in the water

Did you know that we offer the only custom, made-to-measure incontinence products in the world? We’re incredibly proud to guarantee incontinence products and continence solutions for every body. No body is ever too large or too small.

Today, NIGHT N DAY Comfort and Mum’s products continue providing incontinence solutions not only to Aussies, but to people around the world. All products are proudly Australian-made in Caringbah (Sydney), Australia.

Would you like to shop our range? More info? Questions? Advice? Never hesitate to contact us. There’s no such thing as a silly question! Visit our website, email us (gday@nightnday.com.au) or call on 02 9531 2011. Better yet, come and see us at our stand at the Hunter Disability Expo, Newcastle Racecourse, Friday 3 and Saturday 4 April, 9 am to 3 pm. Register for this free event for speedy entry.