Hunter Care Group

Hunter Care Group

Hunter Care Group is a locally owned and operated organisation, specialising in Mental Health and Disability.

Hunter Care Group won the Australian Small Business award for Health Improvement Services in 2021 where we were recognised for outstanding services to the community with high levels of client satisfaction, communication, quality assurance and high calibre service delivery.

We offer services under the NDIS including Supported Independent Living, Direct Supports, Coordination of Supports, Specialist Support Coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

Delivering over 3000 hours of supports per week, we ensure that all supports are delivered to a high standard with quality recruitment, training and systems.

Some key elements of Hunter Care Group’s support are:

  • 100% owned, brand new dwellings for Supported Independent Living
  • Quality assurance platforms with Managerial oversight across all divisions
  • Reliable Key Worker Platform, ensuring in the event of any unforeseen absence, supports will be replaced with a skilled and qualified Support Worker
  • Fully funded Case Management Team to provide support with admin, rostering, feedback and client/staff support at no cost to the participant
  • Outstanding reputation and community support
  • Proud partners with numerous community stakeholders that align with HCG’s values and vision

We are proud of the services we provide and continually strive to be better with supporting our community.