Everyone Needs a MOllii


The MOllii Suit is revolutionary assistive device that provides advanced therapy for adults and children with movement and muscle control disorders such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain damage, spinal injury and stroke.

In essence, the suit can help a person move more freely and with less effort, improving speed, accuracy and fluidity of voluntary movement. The suit has successfully helped clients experiencing chronic pain, anxiety and depression, as well helped sports and performance athletes with improvements in performance, injury management and recovery.

The Swedish-designed Mollii Suit first began transforming lives in Europe over seven years ago. Since Cessnock-based company Métier Medical began importing it 18 months ago, we have learned much about what sub-threshold TENS technology in the MOllii Suit can actually achieve.

The MOllii suit uses electrodes to stimulate movement and relax muscles. Comprising a jacket and pants that contain 58 strategically-placed electrodes connected by silver threads. The control unit is individually programmed to meet the specific needs of each client. The programming is easily updatable.

Electrodes send electrical impulses to the central nervous system at a rate of 20Hz, which is undetectable to the user but recognised by the brain when it is awake. (Some people occasionally feel a slight tingling sensation.) With regular use, the wearer can increase their range of movement and do so with more comfort. As their muscle tone improves, they gain more control over actions such as sitting, reaching, standing and walking.

While the MOllii Suit was originally designed for specific disorders, we have found it can help people of all ages and all conditions. MOllii is the perfect tool to use alongside a therapy program, in line with a medical management team, or for home use following an assessment with one of the Metier Allied Health team. Everybody needs a MOllii!

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