Welcome Into The EVA Family

EVA Support

Although EVA Support is a newly emerging name, officially opening in December of 2020, we were previously operating as EnVisionAbility since 2017. In our time we have rapidly developed our support and training services and we believe that we offer some of the highest quality services available in the disability industry.

Our team is made up of staff who have an impressive mix of professional and lived experiences with disability, and each member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the EVA family. Our team has a deep pool of knowledge in additional areas such as community services, education and mental health which help inform the development of our supports. From the get-go we have worked hard to ensure that each of the services we offer are built in a way that considers not only the now, but also the future, and we are proud to offer quality services that include:

  • Coordination of supports
  • Supported independent living (SIL)
  • Community Access (CA)
  • Respite/Short-term accommodation
  • Domestic assistance
  • Self-care
  • Training services
  • Information services
  • Consultation services

At the heart of our practice is our ethic of a person-centered approach, which means that we build our entire service around individual’s needs and wants. Our team is committed to making sure that the supports we deliver are tailored to each person we support. Choice and control are given to our participants at all stages of support, and we believe our motto sums up the intention of this approach best – “My life, my choices.”

Our doors are always open, and we encourage anyone who is interested in the supports we offer to get in contact with us, if you are unsure where to start or need advice, we will organise an initial consultation at no cost. The EVA family has a real passion to ensure that all individuals can access supports, navigate the NDIS and build the life they choose to live.

We encourage you to access our website here to learn more about us or contact us by email or phone.

Email: admin@evasupport.com.au
Phone: (02) 4961 3467

We’d love to welcome you into the EVA family!