Summa Care: Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Journey?

Summa Care

As a registered NDIS provider, the team at Summa Care understands the challenges that are presented when choosing the right supports to fit your life. Different people need different assistance. That’s why we make sure we provide unsurpassed personalised services, tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Support Services are available when & wherever you require them – whether this is in your own home, or during your stay in one of our accommodations for Respite, Supported Independent Living (SIL), Short-Term (STA) and Medium-Term (MTA) purposes.

We provide:

Social Support

Our team can help support you in getting out and about in your local community, as well as provide companionship.

Group Programs

We offer an array of interactive and engaging activities: from low-impact exercise groups to art classes, cooking groups, community gardens and many more experiences.


We would love to help you with shopping, visiting health practitioners and attending social activities.

Domestic Assistance

Our team can assist you with any household tasks, such as cleaning and laundry. We can also help you with meal preparation & nutrition.

Overnight Support

Our experienced staff members can stay overnight, or for extended periods.

Personal Care

We can assist with any personal activities such as bathing, showering, toileting, dressing and undressing.

Allied Health

We have a team of Registered Nurses available, and we work closely with other health professionals to ensure you receive the care you need.

Our team is passionate, determined and operates with a collective community spirit that focuses on helping each individual live their life the way they want, in the best way possible.

Matt is one of the many People We Support, and he recently moved out into a SIL property. Working closely with the Summa Care team during this important change in Matt’s life, his mother said:

It was such a big step for Matt to move out into SIL. He is loving his new “apartment” (his words). Summa Care was amazing setting it all up in such a short amount of time. Amazing experience with a very professional crew. Very easy transition for both Matt and his mum and dad!

To find out more about Summa Care, please visit our website or contact us via phone on 1800 226 342 or email Our friendly team members look forward to meeting you at the Hunter Disability Expo!