Building a beautiful life with Mable

“I’d definitely recommend Mable to everyone. Looking for ratings is easy, you have pictures, bios, and contacting people is easy. I think that’s the best thing about it: it’s just easy.” – Angela, Mable Client

Angela was diagnosed with Neutral Lipid Storage Disease with Myopathy when she was 30. At first, Angela struggled with her disability and tried to come to terms with what it meant for her. Over time, she decided she “didn’t want that life”. When Angela saw Damien had ‘animator’ on his Mable profile, she was excited to see an Independent Support Worker with similar interests to her. “I wanted to learn how to make an animation, and on Damien’s profile, it said he was an animator. That’s why I connected with him. What I didn’t realise was how talented he was!” Angela found her team of four support workers on Mable, and they support her with everything from laundry, cooking, linen changing, housework and gardening.

For Angela, it’s important to connect with support workers who understand her hobbies and interests. “Having things in common makes the process a bit more comfortable for both of us.” “And without Mable,” Angela says, “I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to cross paths with Damien.”

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About Mable

Mable is a simple-to-use online platform that allows you to shape the care and support you receive in your home and community. With Mable, you get to choose your Independent Support Worker, the days and times of your session, and even agree on how much to pay. You’re in control the whole time.

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